How to get your kitchen looking good for less

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, its the space we gather with family and friends to chat and wind down from the day. Its important to showcase your personal design flair and we have come up with some tips and tricks on how to update your kitchen in 2020.


Tired cabinet doors make your whole kitchen feel drab. Replace the old with new sleek and bright doors in a modern style, or for a budget-friendly option have your existing doors repainted. As cabinets are such a large canvas in a kitchen space, this simple task can transform your room from drab to fab! Furthermore, change out old cabinet handles for modern pulls of sleek black metal.

Another cabinet design idea to consider- open shelving as a contemporary alternative to closed cupboards. Why not show off your pretty pictures, colourful bowls, glamorous glassware and mix of cookbooks to add interest to your walls?

Counter Tops

Counter tops are an important visual feature in your kitchen and the look and feel can instantly add luxury and style to your space. From high end marble, all the way through to a laminate, ensure the material you choose is good quality and durable. It is also safest to go with a neutral counter top colour, as you don’t want to be updating this regularly.

A quick counter top fix that is both stylish and functional is to cover the space with an oversized cutting board or slab of marble. This idea works especially well if you like your counter tops, but need to hide an area that has been damaged.


Lighting dates, but luckily for consumers there are beautiful and inexpensive lighting options aplenty. Glass pendant lights look classy without demanding your eye, or alternatively one large pendant light can double as a work of art. An impressive idea is under-cabinet lighting, to add some drama to your kitchen space with soft lighting.

Splash Backs

Gorgeous tiles cleverly laid to create pretty patterns are dominating as the splash back of choice in the kitchen design market. Another popular choice, which works well to bring light into the kitchen space is utilising a window as a splash back with an outlook to greenery.

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